Saturday, January 19, 2013

Newsletter Information

Here is some information regarding Sell The Call Newsletter:

Stock - This is the stock symbol of the company that is in the newsletter.

Exp Date - This is the expiration date of the option

Strike Price - This is the strike price of the option

Stock Price - This is the current price of the stock

Bid Price - This is the bid price that is being offered for the option at the time of the newsletter

Assgn % Return - This is the total return that will be received if the stock surpasses the strike price when the option expires. For example, if a stock is purchased at $10.00, and a $11.00 strike price call is sold for $1.00, the assignment percentage return will be 20 %. That is derived from the amount received from selling the call ($1.00) and the stock appreciation ($1.00) all divided by the amount paid for the stock purchase ($10.00).

Static % Return - This the return received if the call is sold and the stock is purchased at the prices that are published in the newsletter. For example, if a stock is priced at $10.00 when bought, and a $12.00 call option sold for $1.00, the static return will be 10.00%.

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